Launch is our Early Startup Accelerator.

Startup founders and startup ventures thrive on feedback from users, clients, partners, advisors, and more. The Center's Early Startup Accelerator hosts cohorts seasonally throughout the calendar year to develop the mindset and toolset of first-time and serial founders to develop a first-stage, high-growth startup. As a result, founders develop or advance a Minimum Viable Product and Path to Money to launch an idea, concept, or venture.

Our cohorts educate founders on the fundamentals of venture development, while creating an environment of challenging (yet compassionate) advisory based on real-world, market and industry application methods. Founders engage and collaborate within and across cohorts and The Center's Cohort Alumni Network, and are introduced and gain access to many experienced mentors and coaches, including subject matter experts, successful startup founders and executives, investors, and more.

Our cohort approach aligns education and advisory with well-being concepts, practices, and methods to fill the gap in startup founders build, launch, and grow ventures with mindfulness and mastery in a fast-paced world.

We train and advise early founders from zero-to-first goal.

The startup path is lonely and longer than expected, mostly, which you understand. We see you - you have been working on this idea, concept, or prototype for months or years and need accountability to transition to the next level, or want to work side-by-side with experienced professionals to validate your new idea to discern the path you want to take as a founder. Long story short, you are most likely thinking and building alone or with one or two other people, and no matter how small or large your idea or venture actually is, the people in your life might think that you are either crazy, going crazy, a visionary, or on your way to becoming the greatest innovator in the world. You need help to achieve one or some of your goals as an early startup founder:

· Develop idea or concept into a prototype

· Build prototype into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

· Craft MVP into a Product (or Capabilities) Roadmap

· Define business model and revenue model

· Define fundraising model and financing model

· Design and target prospective alpha/beta user(s)

· Identify and procure prospective client(s)

· Source and onboard co-founder or team hire(s)

· Develop and test brand identify and values

· Construct and model partnership pathways

· Research and pitch prospective investment partner(s)

· Connect with and educate advisor(s) or influencer(s)

We work side-by-side with a range of early founders.

There may be multiple definitions of a 'founder in the startup world, but for us at The Center, we define a founder as an entrepreneur who is starting or advancing a new path to growth - or as we say, in transition to growth. We believe that founders operate with a new vision for the world, and are stronger operating together to build and realize this vision for the betterment of others. You might be a/an:

· Athlete, Artist or Musician

· Business or Independent Consultant

· Designer or Creative Professional

· Educator or Healthcare Professional

· Food & Beverage Specialist

· High School Student

· Inventor or Scientist

· Social Change Maker

· Technologist or Software Developer

· Undergraduate or Graduate Student

· Veteran or Transitioning Military or Intelligence Service Member

Startup Founders can expect:

· 10-week Early Startup Accelerator program

· Direct engagement from Head of Programs & Head of Community

· Tool, resources, and communication support from Community Coordinator(s)

· 2/3-hour welcome event and networking with cohort participants, partners, and connections

· Eight (8) weekly 2-hour cohort education sessions on fundamental of venture development

· Tools and resources provided weekly on each fundamental topic

· Four (4) biweekly 2/3-hour cohort accountability sessions with mentor(s), coach(es), or SME(s)

· Templates, methods, and/or strategies provided biweekly to support each accountability session

· Three (3) advisory strategy sessions with Cohort Lead, Head of Programs, and/or Executive Leadership

· 2/3-hour celebration event and founder showcase with cohort participants, partners, investors, and more

· Access to cohort educational and advisory content, such as session recordings, notes, and other guides

· Connections with and to entrepreneurs, partners, or influencers in our Entrepreneur Community and network(s)

· A profile and spotlight of your business and community member businesses on our platforms

· Access to downloadable content and tools in the Center Resource Base to help develop or grow venture

· Announcements and information sharing on research, accelerator, training, advisory and other programs

· Open door invitation to educational, social, and community events hosted by The Center and partners

· Special invitation(s) to private events, sessions, seminars, and more initiatives

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July 9, 2021

Startup Weekend Hudson Valley

Summer 2021 Launch Accelerator Cohort


Launching our Artist-in-Residence program in partnership with The Center has brought more entrepreneurs to the region, so we look forward to continuing to create more opportunities for artists, businesses, and the community.

Ali Cordero Casal

The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts



The Center is made up of brilliant partners who care deeply about Capri’s mission, who believe in its potential, and who put their energy into helping build our company and team into the best possible version of itself.

Nicole Hartwig


Founder & CEO


The Center’s Launch program was like no other accelerator we have experienced, a true community where the partners and mentors go to work for your company.

Alex Miles


Founder & CEO


Participating as a former Wall Street executive and an entrepreneur has been one of the best decisions I have made so far - I now have a team for growth, operational support, and fundraising path.

Adam Stauffer



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