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So, what is Labs?

Our Centers of Excellence drive the discovery and design of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) responsive and prescient solutions that aim to influence families, businesses, communities, ecosystems, and economies. Researchers, faculty, and students collaborate within and across institutions, industries, and networks to advance pre-product and pre-acceleration market research, customer interaction, and capability design.

In layman's terms, we bridge the gap between research occurring at Institutes of Higher Education and business initiatives in the Hudson Valley region.

Why do this?

We are inspired by discovering and sharing the wonders of the Hudson Valley, including its natural beauty (and hidden gems), the fascinating and talented individuals it nourishes and attracts, and their amazing creations.

Based on The Center's experience as and alongside faculty and students, creators, data nerds and policy wonks, designers, inventors and entrepreneurs we have a hunch of where we can be really valuable, but we need to know more.

This has led us to our Research Questionnaire, if you fall into any of the categories of people we have previously mentioned, then please take the time to review this form. It will allow us to learn more about the potential opportunities in the Hudson Valley and give us the necessary information that will enable us to support your efforts.

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