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'Hustle & Grind' Culture

We all hear it in the media and throughout our social channels - “Hustle Harder” or “On that Grind” or, my personal favorite, “Let’s get this!”

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is getting the best of us and we’re TIRED. Now, as business owners, of course, we get to that next level by working hard and giving our all each and every day, but does that mean that it has to lead to a burnout? Absolutely not.

The hustle & grind culture that we live in focuses too much on getting things done and less about the rest and relaxation that is necessary in between to get to the next level. What is it worth if you get to the next level but have no more energy to get through to the next day? That’s one question I would like you to ask yourself.

How are you keeping up with your grind in the way of taking care of yourself? Are you eating right? Are you eating...period? Are you making time for yourself on the side of even just a five minute meditation each day? Where do your priorities lie?

Here are some tips & tricks to keep grinding, but on your own terms:

1. Set solid hours for yourself & let your clients or customers know what those times are.

This will inhibit you from overworking yourself and having work leak into your personal


2. Make time for meditation once or twice a day to give yourself a brain break. This will re-

energize you as well as taking off some of that stress as well.

3. Schedule dinner with a friend or family member you don’t see every day at least once a

week. This will keep your relationships healthy & it’s also a nice way to unwind.

4. Give yourself space to watch an episode or two of your favorite show or take some time

to read some of that book that’s been sitting on your shelf on a daily basis.

5. Schedule time for downtime, exercise, meals, and more, if necessary. If you can hold

yourself accountable to meetings, you can hold yourself accountable to you as well.

Without you and your energy, there is no hustle...there is no grind. I implore you to give yourself some grace and space to find that work life balance that will allow you to continue on with your journey instead of having to stop because there wasn’t enough time for you and what you, physically & mentally, need as a human being.

You are a superhuman for doing what you’re doing, but make sure that you’re filling your cup up as much as you’re emptying it.

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