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Do Entrepreneurs Take Weekends Off?

What's a long weekend mean anyway for a small business owner or entrepreneur? Does it exist?! I'll maybe try and step away from the computer for a longer amount of time on Monday if it's a long weekend or I'll spend more time on it because I have no other meetings and everyone is at the beach. We'll see! But it was a funny thing to recognize that this past Monday people had 'off'. And I kind of loved realizing I didn't realize that day off like everyone is. I work for myself as the CEO of my company and I work for the HVCI helping other businesses get the support that they need. That type of lifestyle and the work/life balance everyone seeks to achieve is here for me now and I embrace it as a full-time entrepreneur!

The only choice we have in this lifetime is this: how will we dance with the ever-changing unknown, and will we choose to dance at all?

Steve Jobs once said “We're here to put a dent in the universe.” And we are as business owners doing our own thing on our own time.

Did you know that small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can come to us for free, one-to-one business advising, in areas such as business planning, accessing funding, marketing, social media management, compliance, technology development, and more?

When small businesses succeed, our communities and our nation succeed. Almost half of all private sector employees work for small businesses, and small businesses account for 65 percent of net new job creation in the United States.

If you know a business owner in need of support or are feeling stuck yourself, sign up for a Deep Dive with us and forward to a friend.  

The Deep Dives prove that having someone listen and give solid advice from past experience is super beneficial to your business. We also see that as our community grows, the people that really lean into asking for, showing up and receiving this advice help to champion our mission of bringing people together to solve our business challenges. Sign up for a deep dive here!

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