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5 Tips to Avoid Burnout as Solopreneurs

In one way or another everyone has experienced some form of burnout. While the Covid19 pandemic has elevated stress and exhaustion within work, how can you identify burnout as a solopreneur? Are you feeling unmotivated, tired, or thinking your idea or business venture isn’t even worth it? Chances are you’re burnt out. As a solopreneur, you’re taking on a lot and with daily worries and constant deadlines you can begin to drown, and wonder is it “WORTH IT”. However, we’re her to help; from taking small daily breaks or introducing a simple regime, you can increase productivity and a create a positive daily lifestyle that will allow you and your business to flourish.

Below are 5 tips on how to lead a productive work life and avoid burnout as a solopreneur.

1. Schedule Free Time

This may seem silly, but giving yourself a set time/day off will greatly benefit your mental health. In a normal job setting its customary to have the weekend off, and why shouldn’t you? Free time allows you to clear your head, unwind and recharge for future work endeavors. Stretching, walking or reading a thrilling book are simple ways to detach from your work life and give yourself a well-deserved break. Scheduling free time also allows for brainstorming sessions, creative flow and productivity. Try taking a small break today and you’ll notice the results in no time.

2. Say No

It’s important as a solopreneur to say “no”. Practicing saying “no” allows you to set boundaries and limit yourself to what you deem as a comfortable. It’s vital to hold yourself accountable for your actions and let people know you’re focusing on your venture. Remember, you don’t have to take on every project, pick and choose which project is right for your business and that will excel your venture.

3. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Eating well and staying hydrate is key to feeling charged and fresh. With nutrient rich foods, you can easily feel mentally stimulated and alert as a solopreneur. Designate a set time to eat lunch every day and give yourself the time to reflect and digest before returning to work. A healthy mind, body and soul will not keep you motivated longer, it can generate new ideas and concepts to grow your business.

4. Sleep Well

A healthy sleep cycle is essential for improving wellbeing and work habits. Try establishing a nightly bedtime routine. This can be done by removing caffeine from your diet in the evening, introducing a selfcare routine or turning off phones and T.V while in bed. Try reading before bed to give yourself a break, and aim for 8 hours of sleep. Rest up and rejuvenate.

5. Change your Environment

With WFH becoming the new normal, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut within work life. Try getting out of your home and go to a coworking space once or twice a week. Personally, I know that I’m much more productive with my time if I get out of my home office. Changing your work environment also separates work from home life. Set boundaries as to how much you are willing to work from home and treat yourself to a location change. If you’re looking for spaces CoWork Kingston and Barnfox provide creative spaces at affordable prices to work from.

As a solopreneur, your business is your life, and for growth you need to be willing to take sacrifices. But why have one, when you can be pushing for a thriving business and feel grounded in life. At the Center, our community is here to help you expand your business and find balance between work and life. At our core we are all solopreneurs who have experience, time and a network to help you foster and grow. Let us know what tips you use to combat burnouts and how they have improved your business today.

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